Louisiana Children's trust Fund

During the year 1983, the legislature of Louisiana created the “LCTF,” a quasi-governmental organization under the Louisiana Cabinet for Children within the Office of the Governor, to fund agencies dealing with child abuse throughout the state. After 39 years of operation, LCTF is one of the oldest child welfare trust funds in the country.

The mission of the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund (LCTF) is to “prevent child abuse and neglect among Louisiana’s children and families through the creation of strong cross-sector partnerships and increased public awareness of child safety” (LCTF, 2019).

In an effort to prevent such child abuse and neglect among Latin families residing in New Orleans, LA Voz de la Comunidad Coalition has created a program that aims to increase parents’ and children’s understanding of child development, attachment, parenting, and enhancing parental resilience.  The project also aims to help Latino parets build emotional bonds with their children, improve the quality of time spent with their children, lovingly discipline their children, negotiate with their children, enhance their children’s performance in school, and communicate in healthier ways.  LA Voz achieves this by conducting evidence-based parenting programs (ABC, Triple P, Active Parenting) in home and community settings.

LA Voz also hosts an annual forum and media campaign dedicated to raising awareness about child abuse and neglect in Latin communities in Louisiana as a component of our Children’s Trust Funda activities.