LA Voz works to improve the quality of life in the Latino communities of Louisiana by preventing youth substance abuse through culturally competent leadership, advocacy, research, education, and citizenship. LA Voz de la Comunidad works with community leaders to strengthen our community as a whole.

We provide a centralized location for the Latino community to find resources and events, sign up for community updates via SMS or Whatsapp and engage in our community.



In Jefferson Parish, you will find the municipality of Kenner.

Kenner is comprised of two zip codes, 70062 and 70065. According to U.S. Census data, approximately 66,487 people live in the 10 square miles covered by these zip codes.

The Latino population of Kenner is singular within the State of Louisiana. Approximately 20% of the population of Kenner is Latino. This is 5 times higher than the percentage statewide.

Within Kenner, you will find some of the U.S. Census Tracts with the highest concentration of Latinos within Louisiana. Kenner has the highest percentage of its population that was born outside the United States at 17%. The overall percent of the population born outside of the United States in Louisiana is 3%.

Approximately forty percent of the Latinos living in Kenner identify as Honduran. The Latino neighborhoods within Kenner, according to the census, have larger percentages of overcrowded and substandard housing than in mostly non-Latino neighborhoods

The rate of growth of Latino youth in our public schools is over 60% since 2009 with the majority of those kids attending schools in Kenner.


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LA Voz de la Comunidad is a Comprehensive Community Coalition that responds to Latino-community conditions by developing and implementing multi-faceted plans that lead to measurable, population-level outcomes.

LA Voz utilizes several of these seven evidence-based strategies to achieve community change.

Providing information such as brochures, forums, workshops etc.

Enhancing skills by providing technical assistance, trainings, and strategic planning

Providing support such as mentoring, referrals, and support groups

Enhancing access/reducing barriers by improving systems and processes to increase the ease, ability and opportunity to utilize available resources

Changing consequences to increase or decrease the probability of a specific behavior that reduces risk or enhances protection by altering the consequences for performing that behavior

Physical design by changing the physical design or structure of the environment to reduce risk or enhance protection

Modifying/changing policies with formal change in written procedures, by-laws, proclamations, rules or laws with written documentation and/or voting procedures