Prevention and Lidership

LA Voz de la Comunidad Coalition has been a participant in the Whitehouse’s Office of National Druge Control Policy’s Drug Free Communities program since 2016.  The Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Program is a CDC administered grant that provides funding to community coalitions that organize to prevent substance use among youth. Since the passage of the DFC Act in 1997, the DFC Program has funded more than 2,000 coalitions and currently mobilizes nearly 9,000 community volunteers nationwide. Throughout the life of the DFC Program, youth living in DFC communities have experienced reductions in alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use.
Noel Ascencio is the Youth Coordinator for LA Voz de la Comunidad.   in the City of Kenner, located in Jefferson Parish, currently serving 6 schools (5 middle school and 1 high school) where an average of 98 children are served through the program.

Ascencio has been working for 30 years as an educator throughout Latin America, leaving his knowledge in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Guatemala, Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil and the United States.

His work consists of bringing in a didactic and creative way, information about prevention, specifically against the use of alcohol, tobacco, vaping and drugs; understanding that all of these are causing serious social and health problems in our community due to easy access and lack of supervision.

It is also in charge of developing and motivating the individual leadership skills of each of the students, to lead them to know how to work as a team.

The goal of this program is for each student to have information that will enable them to make wise decisions in their personal, family, educational and moral lives.

LA Voz de la Comunidad Coalición, represented by Noel Ascencio, works side by side with the principals of each institution and their ESL teachers, in order to deliver the program to as many students as possible and develop the different prevention campaigns in each school.

Noel Ascencio invites you to learn more about the program through our Social Networks and if you want more information you can write him through the Email, or send a Whatsapp message to (504) 338-9148.