Louisiana Highway Safety

Highway safety is a program of LA Voz de la Comunidad Coalition working in conjunction with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission focused on prevention of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The program focuses on prevention through social media campaigns, professional community education trainings and educational materials to raise Latino community awareness to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes in Louisiana. 

Gary Lagos has been the Highway Safety Program Coordinator for LA Voz for 4 years.  She states, “it is of utmost importance that adults in the Latino community understand that making good decisions before getting behind the wheel is fundamental, because one second can change one’s own life and the lives of others forever.”  Gary along with LA Voz staff continue to work to prevent traffic fatalities within our geographic area with a focus on our Latino communities.

For more information about this Program, please
contact Gary Lagos at gary@lavoznola.com,
or call at (504) 957-9719.